Why My Yogurt Eating Habits Will Never Be the Same

So, I just had my first glass pot of French yogurt from Yoplait and I'm probably never going to eat regular yogurt ever again. 


Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera at Heard Museum

Photos from the only North American stop of the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera art tour.

January 2017 | New Year, New Things

A project I want to work on this year is a monthly wrap-up of everything new I've done, things I've done, things I didn't do, the highs and lows of the month and some inspirational quotes to set me up for next month.

2017: The Year of Taking Care of Me

I recently watched a video by the AstroTwins, Refinery29's resident astrologists and owners of their own website: AstroStyle. They are famous for their spot-on predictions and I have to say that so far, their predictions for a Scorpio 2017 seem pretty spot on for me. I'm calling 2017 "The Year of Taking Care of Me," … Continue reading 2017: The Year of Taking Care of Me

Love Actually

I hope most of you have seen this movie because it's absolutely wonderful, fantastic and British. In the opening scene, Hugh Grant has this beautifully stated monologue about the state of the post-9/11 world. Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion’s … Continue reading Love Actually

Te’ Hell We Rode

Telluride, CO -- Do you know how the city got it's name? Some people claim it was named after the binary compound of the element tellurium and an electropositive element which is commonly associated with copper, silver and gold.This explanation would make sense because upon conception, Telluride was a mining town. However, that's not quite … Continue reading Te’ Hell We Rode