Why My Yogurt Eating Habits Will Never Be the Same

So, I just had my first glass pot of French yogurt from Yoplait and I'm probably never going to eat regular yogurt ever again. 


Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera at Heard Museum

Photos from the only North American stop of the Frida Kahlo & Diego Rivera art tour.

January 2017 | New Year, New Things

A project I want to work on this year is a monthly wrap-up of everything new I've done, things I've done, things I didn't do, the highs and lows of the month and some inspirational quotes to set me up for next month.

2017: The Year of Taking Care of Me

I recently watched a video by the AstroTwins, Refinery29's resident astrologists and owners of their own website: AstroStyle. They are famous for their spot-on predictions and I have to say that so far, their predictions for a Scorpio 2017 seem pretty spot on for me. I'm calling 2017 "The Year of Taking Care of Me," … Continue reading 2017: The Year of Taking Care of Me