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Meet the Team Behind ‘The Wall’


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Scores of reporters, photographers, editors and digital developers from across the USA TODAY NETWORK spent nine months working on “The Wall: Unknown Stories, Unintended Consequences,” a report that examines the U.S.-Mexico border in unprecedented ways.

We flew the entire border – drove it, too. More than 30 reporters and photographers interviewed migrants, farmers, families, tribal members – even a human smuggler. We joined Border Patrol agents on the ground, in a tunnel, at sea. We patrolled with vigilantes, walked the line with ranchers. We scoured government maps, fought for property records.

Then we presented this information in stories, documentaries, an interactive map, groundbreaking virtual reality, behind-the-scenes podcasts — even nights of live storytelling.

The goal: Let you experience the border any way you choose, so as discussions take place and decisions are made, you have all the information you need.

Meet the Intern

NSPA Honor Roll Recipient 


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